Innovation and suggestion

History, tradition, and research fuel the evolutionary process of our Brunello

The La Fortuna Winery is located beneath the original winery building, a semi-basement building that has been progressively expanded as the vineyard area has increased, due to the recent purchase of the La Campana estate with the winery below.

The whole is divided into various areas; the winery's vinification room is innovative with thermo-regulated steel tanks and state-of-the-art technology,

while the aging area, a traditional, charm-filled environment, features Slavonian oak barrels with a capacity of twenty-seven hectoliters, where Brunello is aged in both the Vintage and Reserve versions. The aging of Brunello Giobi, Rosso di Montalcino, Sant'Antimo DOC, and Rosso Toscano IGT takes place in the La Campana aging cellar where the wine is received in barriques and tonneaux of fine French wood.

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The entire winery complex and winery center were conceived in strict compliance with the best recovery of the Tuscan farmhouse and winemaking tradition, compatible with new winemaking requirements.

La Fortuna is a testament to how tradition and innovation come together to extract the best from each product and vintage with the goal of preserving the elegance and uniqueness of the wines and enhancing their personality.

The average annual production is about 100 thousand bottles, of which:

50,000 of Brunello di Montalcino DOCG,
20,000 of Rosso di Montalcino DOC,
15,000 of Sant'Antimo DOC
and 15,000 of Rosso Toscano IGT.

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