Six generations. A hundred years on this land.

The history of the Zannoni family takes root in Montalcino thanks to Giovanni Zannoni, a cattle rancher who left Romagna in 1870 to settle in the hills of Montalcino.

In 1907, his eldest son Angiolino Zannoni arrived at the La Fortuna farm, in the new sharecropper-run farmhouse with four hectares of land, won—the story tells—at a card table with the luck (Fortuna) that has welcomed and named the farm ever since.

From Angiolino's marriage to Quirina, a country woman, six children were born. Gino Zannoni emerged among them, leading the farm with his wife Iva until the end of sharecropping.

In 1965 they purchased with their son Gioberto the much-coveted farm, beginning renovations on the farm building and planting specialized Brunello vineyards.

During the same period, the development and expansion of Brunello as an appellation began in Montalcino, when in 1967 a combination of large and small producers designed the foundations of the Consorzio del Brunello, with Gino Zannoni one of the twenty-five founding members.

The first bottle of Brunello di Montalcino La Fortuna produced dates from 1974, while the first Rosso di Montalcino was born in 1971.

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The union of Gioberto Zannoni with Felicetta gave birth to Angelo and Romina, the representatives of the fifth generation of winemakers at La Fortuna who today lead, together with their mother, a work with great respect for tradition and enriched by research and innovation.

La Fortuna is the fruit of passion and hard work, respect and knowledge, dedication and vision of as many as five generations of producers and winemakers, and these same values have led "La Fortuna" to be handed down with love and hope to the sixth generation, still very young.